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Garbage Collection in Mansfield Ontario Lexington Madison Lucas

Garbage Collection in Mansfield Ontario Lexington Madison LucasGarbage Collection in Mansfield Ontario Lexington Madison Lucas


 To whom it may concern,

I would like to sincerely compliment the excellent customer service and professionalism of the two gentlemen who served the Springbrook/Rosedale neighborhood on 3/30/2020. After failing to put my garbage out the night before, the gentlemen came through and passed my driveway. I was able to catch them at the end of the street, explain my plight, and ask if they might still be able to pickup my garbage. They rounded the block, and picked up my garbage without making me feel worse about my oversight.

Very respectfully,

 Hi! I just wanted to tell you what awesome, kind, drivers you have! My husband forgot to put the trash out last night, so when I saw the pink truck coming I grabbed my 7 month old and 5 year old and umbrella and rushed to get it to the driveway. I was obviously having a hard time, so your driver's ran up through the mud and rain to help me. They also took the time to tell my 5 year olds hello, which she loved because she loves their pink truck. I really appreciated their kindness!! 

I  would like to let you know how much we appreciate the men that pick up  our trash each  week.  They put pride into their work which makes a customer  very happy.  They always always remove the trash without leaving  anything behind, put the cans/lids back in the yard and say Hi/wave if we are in sight.  This  is the first time I felt the need to inform the sanitation department  in a email on how well their employee's are doing.  In the past we would  put the trash out and it was picked up.  The  trash was always picked up however there were times trash was left on  lawn, cans thrown sometime on yard and other times left in street if  they didn't hit the yard, lids were lost constantly.  But no concern because we paid for them to remove our trash and that is  what they did.   Now I have  witnessed  employee's  taking pride in  their work which is very 
difficult  to find, especially it being a less than attractive job but a very  important job.  I have called and spoke to someone about these two men  but it just didn't feel to be enough considering they are the ones that  help make or break a company.  
My  main point is they do a fantastic job, take time to do it right but  move quickly.  There are many pick cans out there and now I know why.   Please pass  on because I don't always catch them and I want them to know they have  been notices doing a very good job and that is is appreciated.

Congratulations on finding your good employee's  I hope your company continues to hold such high standards 


 I  wanted to give you guys a kudos today! We have used your service for  almost a year now. We live at **** Ct off S Main and the crew is always  on time and polite when putting back the cans (we've had past companies  we come home from work and our driveway is blocked by a thrown trash  can). Well today, we forgot to put the trash out and I heard them coming  down the other road and hurried to get the trash out.
Little did I know, they already came down my road. They still stopped in  and got it .. AND .. Might I add I have a 3 year old little girl who on  every Monday morning counts the pink trash cans until the pink truck  comes. This morning she watched the swoop in. The gentleman were very  polite giving her big waves and beep beep and it brightened her day up  more than you can ever imagine. In a world where complaints seem to  dominant, I just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job. The  simple things mean more than you could ever imagine! 


 I  just wanted to say thank you and please pass this thank you along to  whoever picks up the trash on our route. We have been doing some home  renovation and had an unfortunate accident with our septic. I tried to  do the best making what we are throwing away manageable. You guys do a  great job and I want you to know you are appreciated. If they didn't  come at 4:30 a.m. I would tell the men myself! I hope you all have a  terrific Easter and again thank you for being so helpful in a "tough"  trash time! God Bless! 


 To  Whom It May Concern: Here is my bill and check.  Thank You so much for  your business.  Your guys do such a good job.  God bless them.  Please  tell them that for us.  Keep up the good work.  -  from a customer on  our Thursday route in Walnut Hills 


 April 22 2015 "Just  a note to let you know pleased I am with your services.  I'm starting  to see more pink cans in the neighborhood. You may want to pass out some  fliers around our homes!"  from a customer in the Lexington area off Orchard Park Dr

April 17 2015 "I  watched the big pink garbage truck come down the street this morning,  and collect the trash. The gentlemen collecting the trash took care to  completely empty the trash cans and also gently set them back on the  driveway so they didn't blow away. These garbage guys live up to their  title of "Garbage guys who care". Thank you to you, and your hard  working employees."  from a satisfied customer in the Diamond Hills Area  via facebook

March 30, 2015 "I  love the way they take the time to pick up trash that blows out of the  container" facebook message from someone in the Walnut Hills area 

January 22, 2015 "So far really GREAT, I have had no problems at all. Told my mother to call you as well :) thanks"  Cliffbrook Area

January 10, 2015 "Talk  about a company making a difference! I am proud to call you my trash  guys, and I think what you do is wonderful!" Woodville Rd Area 


 August 23, 2014 "I  have you guys for the past 2 years and you are the best hands down I  Richland County. Keep up the great job."   Madison Eastview School Area

October 30 2014 'Princess Ann' wrote on our facebook page  in response to a Mansfield News Journal Article
"These  are the Garbage guys who go above and beyond. It's hard to find people  like this in our world anymore. I smile every time I see them. The world  would be a better place if they could use this company as an example of  their own. God Bless You GUYS!"
 Thank You Princess Ann

October 22   Mary Wrote "  

I  just want to say thanks. Someone knocked my garbage can over last  night. Your guys picked it up and cleaned up before I got out there. I  appreciate it!

Thank You Mary!

A Nice Note Sara Wrote " 

  • Thank  you so much for your service!   We are new to Garbage Guys Who Care,  and we are already impressed!   We don't have a pink can, so our trash  was accidentally over-looked last night.   I called to get it checked  out, and we had a driver here in 15 minutes to pick up our trash!    He  even wheeled our empty trash can back to our house!     I am highly  impressed and will recommend your service to anyone in the area. 
      Thank you, Garbage Guys Who Care!"

      THANK YOU SARA !!!!!!


 Received 6/4/13 Via Facebook from a customer on Dillon Rd "  

Thank  you so much to the two men who run my route. I forgot to set my trash  out last night and they still came to pick it up. I thank you very much  for going out of your way when you don't have to. I am proud to have  this company as my trash service!! Thank you so much again!! :)

Received 5/28/13 from a resident in Bennington Heights "  I just wanted you to know that your guys are supurb and we think they  do an excellent job - please give the drivers an Attaboy"

Received 5/2/13 from a resident in Madison area. "thanks  so much Guys - I appreciate how your driver stops and cleans up when  the bag splits - much better service than our previous company"

Received This 04-03-2013 submitted from opur website -  from a resident of Ontario
 Comments : "I  want to put in a good word for your trash pickup team when they were  picking up my neighbors trash this morning. While your team was  transferring his trash to the pink truck, some debris landed on the  street. My neighbor hadn’t done a good job of loading his trash can  which is why debris ended up on the street. Anyway, your person took the  time to clean up the trash that fell on to the street. We think he was a  very conscientious individual to do that. It’s nice to know you have  reliable people like him working for you. Unfortunately, I’ve seen other  companies that were not so trustworthy as yours."

Thanks for the kind words, the guys work long hard hours in all sorts of  weather, and we seemingly only hear if there is a problem.  Very  refreshing to hear a positive comment! 



Mansfield News Journal 10-6-12
MANSFIELD -- The husband of a Mansfield woman  who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1996 continues to promote  breast cancer awareness, especially during the month of October.

This is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Dave Kracker said there are  several events for the public to participate in, but his real goal is to  promote self-examination and mammograms.

"We've pushed for extended hours for mammograms in October, courtesy of Women's Care, MedCentral Imaging and MedCentral/Shelby," Kracker said.

Women's Care, 500 S. Trimble Road, will have evening hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Oct. 9, 11, 16 and 18.

MedCentral Women's Imaging Center, 335 Glessner Ave., will have  extended evening hours on Thursdays, Oct. 11 and 25, and Saturdays with  daytime appointments today and on Oct. 27. MedCentral/Shelby Hospital, 20 Morris Road, Shelby, will have extended hours every Tuesday in October, and also on Saturday, Oct. 13 and 20.

"Women who catch breast cancer before it metastasizes have a much greater chance of living cancer-free," Kracker said.

The A+ for Awareness 5K Run or 1K Walk will be at North Central State College this today, and sponsored by the Student Nurses Association. Proceeds benefit the Pat Kracker Fund.

Registration is from 8 to 8:45 a.m. with the race at 9 a.m. Go to patkracker.org for more information.

The Blueberry Patch in Lexington will have pink items and  refreshments, the signature color of Breast Cancer Awareness, on Oct. 19  and 20 with a portion of the proceeds also going to the fund. According  to its website, the fund was established with the help of the local  Planned Parenthood Association, the public and local business donors.

In January 2009, the fund became affiliated with the Mansfield Cancer  Foundation, Mansfield/Ontario/Richland County Health Department,  American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeast Ohio  affiliate to further extend breast cancer education, support and  assistance to Richland County residents.

Kracker said many local organizations have made efforts to support  the foundation, including the new business Garbage Guys Who Care.

"This is a beginning garbage route, currently involving just one pink  truck," Kracker said. "Steve Cobb is the owner of this new business and  he is committing a portion of his profit to our fund.

"Another novelty involved here is that he recognizes our fund on all  his invoices, including the phone number that persons can call for  assistance. This was something he came up with totally on his own, just  because he's a caring person."

Twitter: @JamiKinton


 Hi! I just wanted to tell you what awesome, kind, drivers you have! My husband forgot to put the trash out last night, so when I saw the pink truck coming I grabbed my 7 month old and 5 year old and umbrella and rushed to get it to the driveway. I was obviously having a hard time, so your driver's ran up through the mud and rain to help me. They also took the time to tell my 5 year olds hello, which she loved because she loves their pink truck. I really appreciated their kindness!!